Desktop Mastering

Book Description:

Desktop Mastering is a conceptual guide, intertwining a broad range of knowledge regarding audio engineering principles and practical applications for those wishing to enhance their own as well as their clients' work. In addition to providing a step-by-step in-depth survey of a successful mastering plug-in chain, Desktop Mastering covers real-world practical applications as well as the fundamentals of audio and electronics. Also included is a personal guide to the business of mastering and how to leverage emerging social networks for positive personal and business results.


"What makes this book stand out from most "how-to" books is that in addition to useful, practical tips and techniques that clearly show Turnidge has been around the block multiple times, there's a liberal amount of philosophizing and incidental tips that relate to the gestalt of mastering. Think of this more as "Zen and the Art of Mastering," and you'll be closer to what this unique book offers: a rare combination of practicality you can take to the bank, and insights that broaden your way of looking at the topic."
Craig Anderton

"Welcome to the enchanting world of an audio renaissance man. Steve Turnidge has been committing acts of audio magic for over a quarter century. I first met him in the R&D lab at a start-up company where he was helping design some of the industry's first MIDI and digital audio products. As the years passed he assembled the worlds first Firewire audio device on his kitchen table, cofounded one of the first Internet music companies in his living room, and carved a niche for himself as an accomplished mastering engineer in his spare bedroom. I've always wondered what drove this man to live on the edge and reach to such heights. Thanks to this book, I now understand. Come inside and take a technical, artistic, and metaphysical audio mystery tour as Turnidge reveals his passion and secrets for success."
Bob Moses - Pro audio product designer, Firewire pioneer,
and AES Executive Director

"This book tells the whole story! You will find the processes and the principles described in an easy-to-learn format with lots of real-world examples. Steve's experience mastering hundreds of records and the audio examples tell you step by step how to master your music, and his wisdom is insightful. I'll be recommending this book to students interested in the art and science of mastering."
Steve Malott, Producer/Engineer, Faculty,
Shoreline Community College, Northwest University